Cable Testing

Cable deterioration occurs naturally with age, especially when exposed to elevated temperature due to high loading and even when it is not physically damaged. Many substances such as water, oil and chemicals can contaminate and shorten the life of insulation and cause serious problems. Chigwell Engineering Ltd can carry out fault identification services either above or below ground to locate the cable fault and repair as soon as possible. Typical cable faults can occur as either earthing or open circuits and can also be permanent or intermittent. Chigwell Engineering Ltd use the latest fault location instruments  and equipment and are able to assess and identify cable faults such as earth faults, cable damage, resistive faults, phase to phase faults, intermittent faults, partial discharges and sheath faults.

All of our HV electrical personnel are fully trained and we provide both HV and LV cable fault finding and repair services to the highest possible standard.

Chigwell Engineering Ltd are able to provide both AC VLF and DC cable testing to the latest standards, including Tan Delta measurements to ensure ongoing condition monitoring of your MV and HV cables.